Napster Essentials

Asset Creation- Working with the content writer for Napsters music streaming services, we were able to establish a series of cover images to support a variety of editorial created playlists & music genres.

Holiday Content- Providing Holiday Playlists increase user engagement significantly during holiday seasons.

Event Specific- Representing all types of events from sporting games to grammy nominees.

Inline View- These designs will be seen on both the .com & mobile products.


  • Client
  • Role
    Visual/UI Designer
  • Audience
    Napster Streaming users
  • Project Info
    Needing more then a variation of 30+ cover images, an efficient yet recognizable visual design was needing to be established. The assets must be dynamic and work on various devices and screen sizes.

    Using color research and music genre mood factors it took many rounds of revisions and user testing but I was able to establish a color theme that both adhered to Napster brand guidelines but also visually made sense from a listeners perspective.

    Visualizations can “tell a story, and engage our pattern-matching brain . Using a repeated graphic treatment and color scheme allows the user to become familiar with music genres of their liking. Making them easily discoverable in large lists and hi-content pages.

    These assets were to be viewed on both web & mobile clients, meaning designs must be legible from a variety of device screen sizes.