Open ROV Website Redesign

Fully responsive for mobile devices



  • Client
  • Role
    Senior Visual Designer
  • Project Info
    Helping OpenROV understand that the Trident was not just for the boating enthusiast but could be used for many more purposes. With the information gathered from the previous buyer study, we learned that our target audience was actually more diverse than anticipated which led to a change in visual and UI direction.

    With a pre-order sale on the horizon, OpenROV by Trident was looking to revamp their website to help increase revenue sales. With a passion for the sea, I jumped right on the opportunity to help out.

    My first task was collecting data from previous buyers on their purchase experience. Examining the analytics to understand the pre-order purchase funnel, site performance and to identify opportunities for optimization. Within these recordings the customer provided both qualitative and quantitative results which allowed us to prioritize navigation links, site content and more.

    Working with a senior UX designer we established a revised design language that still adhered to OpenROVs original brand guidelines and created a fluent UI for the upcoming pre-order sale.