Native iOS App


Kick-Off- Started with a kick-off meeting to understand constraints, scope and timelines for the task at hand. Making sure that there is an established objective in place, choosing KPIs that are fixed, capable of forecasting, and that avoid common mistakes.

Research- I created a full competitive review of the top 10 app's that compared in features offered to the user. Including exploration of competitors app store ratings, SEO terminology, feature desire & consumer surplus. Seeing similar products service offerings at a higher level.

User Journey- Documenting out the products full user journey was necessary in order to optimize key features and flows that the users are commonly experiencing. (click image to view larger)

Sketches- Starting out braining storming at the whiteboard & sketching on pen & paper. Reviewing current user task flows & feature functionality. Looking for ways to optimize the experience for mobile iOS users to increase retention.

Wireframes- Early exploration wireframes. Using Google Analytics I was able to prioritize updates being made to the UI as well as the functionality of the features & tool's currently offered on the PicMonkey app.

Low Fidelity- Created low-fidelity comps to communicate general direction and UI vision. Focusing on design and concepts, with pixel perfect comps to follow. Capturing responsive views to ensure best user experience across the variety of sized iOS devices; including iPad. With multiple rounds of reviews between PM, UX & stakeholders, 4 initial versions were created and considered.

High Fidelity- A decision was made based on technical capabilities & user experience. Increasing user engagement by demonstrating product depth through tutorials/blog content and quick links on the home screen of the mobile app. Leveraging HIG components and best practices in order to assist users in creating their designs. Leading to more successful saves, higher user retention and paid conversions.


  • Client
  • Role
    Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Software
    Sketch & Zeplin
  • Audience
    PicMonkey iOS Mobile App users
  • Project Info
    The objective of this project could be broken down into three parts. To increase conversions of free users to paid. To then increase customer retention. Decrease customer acquisition cost
    To improve our ability to engage users by demonstrating product depth through tutorials/blog content on the home screen of the mobile app.

    Aligning with current human interface guidelines offered by native elements as well as current app trends by leveraging a lower navigation bar to increase discoverability of app functionality.

    Create extensible UI for future marketing content, new feature sets (like templates & brand kits) - and offer more opportunistic ways to increase conversion. The new home screen is to align well with .COM core functionality as well as with our longer range product roadmap.

  • Constraints
    • Engineer Bandwidth
    • iOS users only

  • Outcome
    • Increase in iOS App Downloads
    • Increase in paid conversions
    • Decrease in refunds

  • Release Requirements
    JIRA Tickets:
    • App Launch, Loading, Landing & Login / Signup UX
    • Home, Settings, Context Menu & Navigation UX
    • Assets & Animations
    • Editorial