Premium Content & Feature Badge

User Testing- Beginning with user testing to establish a baseline pattern of iconography & placement of the premium badge. A variety of icon combinations and placements tests were created to fully understand where user's understood and expected these badges to live within the product UI.

Working hand-in-hand with visual design to create icons best recognized by users for their value.

User Flows- Having a solid understanding of the different types of user's accessing the PicMonkey app was essential. Defining key behaviors and optimizing for common user behaviors & expectations.

Free / Expired User - User's that have not yet entered a trial session, or who's trial has already expired.

Basic Trial User - User is currently within 7 day Basic Trial experience. User's are able to see premium content and features but are not able to access Pro-level premium content and features.

Pro Trial User - User is currently within 7 day Pro Trial experience. Pro level subscription allows user's full access to all premium content and features.

Visual Design- With all interactions documented, the visual designer was able to provide us with high quality assets to work seamlessly within the current product UI. Staying on PicMonkey brand style guidelines, as well as introducing a new icon that users recognize and represent with premium, paid content. This icon will be seen on the Web and Mobile products which means it must be visible on large and small scale devices.

Final UI- Capturing all scenarios to represent the newly established Premium content & feature badge.



  • Client
  • Role
    UX Designer
  • Software
    Sketch & Zeplin
  • Audience
    .COM & Mobile PicMonkey users
  • Project Details
    The primary purpose of this badge is to inform PicMonkey users of premium content and features offered with a paid subscription.

    Using up-sells of premium content to drive user engagement which leads to higher retention & increase of conversions from free users to paid. User Test early wireframes to establish best practice for badge placement, treatment & visual design.

    Badges can make the app feel dynamic & current, encouraging impulse engagement which increases visibility on premium content and features offered by PicMonkey.

  • Constraints
    • Engineer Bandwidth
    • No IA or experience changes
    • 2 week sprint

  • Release Requirements
    JIRA Tickets:
    • .COM UX
    • Mobile UX
    • Visual Design
    • Editorial