Ristrettos - Branding, Website & Menu design


  • Client Ristrettos Coffee & Wine
  • Role Web Dev / Graphic Designer
  • Tools HTML / CSS / Photoshop
  • Platform Web / Print
  • Project Info
    Growing up playing sports I made a lot of friends. One of those friend's parents own the local coffee and wine bar in Maple Valley, Washington and she was needing a website for her business. Just being fresh out of college and familiar with basic HTML & CSS, I was able to create a fully functioning business site for the company.

    Throughout the years I have done many updates and iterations. As the business has continued to grow, so has its website, features and product offerings.

    One of those offerings being a full sit down restaurant that was added to the drive through coffee bar. With an addition of wine & beverages, Ristretto's also needed a way to showcase their food menu items in store and online.