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CoBrand Music App

  • Client
    Verizon / Napster
  • Role
    Senior Visual Designer
  • Audience
    Verizon Cloud Users
  • Problem:
    Carefully considering co-branding principles, I had to find a balance and create a visual design to adhere to both brand style guides.
  • Process
    The cloud can be tricky, we all have experienced it one way or another. But with the Verizon Napster cloud music app, we wanted to provide the at most ease for all users to sync their music to their devices. Regardless of where the music is coming from, it should be easy to manage. Working through the conceptual design was very strategic and time consuming. In order for the product to make sense, we had to think through every possible user experience and perfect it. As the projects visual Designer my role was to assist the senior UX Designer on the project for all visual language and production needs. Creating low-fidelity comps as well as extensive user flows.