Windows 10 - Music Streaming App


Wireframing- With a framework in mind (based on windows 10 fluent design), I began UI wireframing to capture all features and services offered within the app. Establishing user flows and task focused experiences.


Final Design- Motion view of major screens.


Final UI- static views.



  • Client
  • Role
    UX / UI Designer
  • Project Info
    As the sole designer of the Napster Desktop App, I was tasked to create a brand new Windows 10 App for the Product. Beginning with traditional wireframes I established a fluent UI that adhered to the Windows fluent design UWP, but was also logical in the functions of music streaming services.

    Finding the bandwidth to rework old code. With the recent launch of Windows Fluent Design, we were wanting to re-work old features, functions and native elements within the product. With much prioritizing on featuring implementation and A/B testing on design aesthetics, I was able to move forth with creating a fresh and fully functioning UI for the product.